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IT Teachers Summit

Thursday 4th - Friday 5th October 2007
Venue: Australian Science and Mathematics School (ASMS), Adelaide SA and online from wherever teachers are located.

Theme: Open Learning Approaches to Computing Studies
The National Computing Studies Summit is being hosted by the ACCE with funding from the National Centre of Science, Information and Communication Technology and Mathematics Education for Rural and Regional Australia (SiMERR).

Who is the summit for?
The summit is targeted at senior secondary teachers (both urban and rural) and other educators interested in open learning / distance education in Computing Studies.

Summit goals
1. Identify educators who are working in distance education / open learning activities in Computing Studies and person(s) from other disciplines who have had success in alternative program models or who are experts at online and open learning pedagogies.

2. Identify, analyse and share models for open learning which best suit teaching and learning in senior secondary Computing Studies.

3. Establish and support open learning communities by identify schools and teachers that are interested in promoting exemplary practice in open learning in senior secondary Computing Studies.

4. Assist SiMERR to identify research and project opportunities.

5. Provide a focus for the activities of CEGs on Computer Studies in rural and regional areas.

6. Share and learn from the experiences of the state and territory projects.

7. Develop recommendations about the future of open learning in Computing Studies and the role of CEGs.

Pre-summit forum
A forum within EdNA Groups ( has been created to begin a conversation among senior secondary Computing Studies teachers and other interested educators leading up to the National Computing Studies Summit. The forum begins on Monday 13th August 2007.

To be part of the forum you need to register with EdNA Groups at Once registered you can access the forum inside the Group called 'ACCE National Computing Studies Summit'.
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