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Management Team Members

Conference Management Committee

Conference Chair 
Mark Holland (Immediate Past Chair of QSITE: Far North Queensland Chapter)
Conference Convenor
Michelle Williams (Immediate Past President of the Australian Council for Computers in Education)
Conference Treasurer
Lyn Allsop (QSITE Treasurer)

Conference Secretariat
Meredith Malcolm

Program Committee Co-Chairs
Dr Neil Anderson (James Cook University)
Associate Professor Cathie Sherwood (University of Central Queensland)

Program Committee Members
Michelle Williams (Management Team Contact)
Gayle Kyle (Hambledon SS)
Sharynne  Hunt (St Monica's Catholic College)
James McGhie (Trinity Anglican School)
Dr Colin Baskin (JCU)
Michael Carstens

Leadership Symposium Committee Chairs
Tony Brandenberg (ACCE)
Debbie Kember (Dept. of Education & the Arts)

Leadership Symposium Committee Members
Tony Brandenberg (ACCE)
Chris Jager (ISTE)
Paul Campbell (Woree SS)
Rod Morris (Exec District Director)
John Harding  (Tablelands-Johnson District Office)
Debbie Kember  (Dept of Education & the Arts)

Promotions Committee Committee Co- Chairs
Nicola House (Kuranda SS)
Kim Johnson (Woree SS)

Promotions Committee Members
Geraldine Norris (Representing Catholic Education)
Darren Archer (Representing the Lutheran schools network)
Blanch Crispe  (Representing Townsville Chapter of QSITE)

Trade Exhibition Committee Chair
Andrew Dundas  (Trinity Bay SHS)

Trade Exhibition Committee Members
Shirley Sidey (Townsville Grammar)
Andrew Bischof  (Future Cairns)
Marcus Tanner (Mossman SHS)

Volunteers Committee Chair
Pauline Coop (Woree SS)

Conference Support Network
Bruce Cordiner
Campbell Smyth
Emma O’Heir
Evelyn Bachmann
Fran Hughes
Martha Goldman
Graham Akers
Herman Rijken
Jim Buzacott
Julian Warnock
Kristine Kopelke
Paul Marshall
Quita Barron
Rohan Dean
Sam Ferguson
Mike Hawney
Kaye Moorhead
Doug Carey
David Potter                                                                                                  

ACCE Partners
ACCE Partners
ACCE Partners
ACCE Partners