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Program Committee

International Academic Program Committee:

Professor Colin Lankashear

Professor Ron Oliver

Professor Toni Downes

Professor John Hedberg

Emertius Professor Betty Collis

Dr Daniel Churchill 

Dr Lyn Henderson

Dr Mark Brown

Assoc Prof Linda Selby

Dr Kalogiannakis Michail


and the Editorial Board of Australian Educational Computing (listed below)



Local Steering Committee (Program) Members:

Michelle Williams (Management Team Contact)

Gayle Kyle, (Hambledon SS)

Sharynne  Hunt, (St Monica's Catholic College)

James McGhee, (Trinity Anglican School)

Dr Colin Baskin, (JCU)

  • Manage the refereeing process  (Academic Program Committee)

  • Manage keynote programs (Co-chairs)

  • Design the program structure (Local Steering commitee)

  • Support the promotions committee including seeking speakers

  • Design of the Call for Papers

  • Support other committees who have responsibilities with the program

  • Maintain speakers area of the website

  • Schedule and implement aspects of the program including the Call for Papers, speakers acceptances and the scheduling of sessions

Dr Jenny Masters                             Queensland University of Technology

Dr Rosie Thrupp                                Central Queensland University

Dr Geoff Romeo                                           Monash University

Dr Wing Au                                     University of South Australia

Dr Glenn Russell                               Monash University VIC

Prof Toni Downes                             University of Western Sydney, NSW

Dr Tony Fetherston                          Edith Cowan University, WA.

Dr Pam Gibbons                               Australian Catholic University, NSW.

Dr Lynette Henderson                       James Cook University, QLD.

Dr John King                                    James Cook University, QLD.

Dr Susan Edwards                             Monash University, VIC

Ass Prof Anne McDougall                    University of Melbourne, VIC.

Dr David McKinnon                            Charles Sturt University, NSW.

Dr Paul Newhouse                             Edith Cowan University, WA.

Dr Jeremy Pagram                             Edith Cowan University, WA.

Dr Sue Trinidad                                Curtin Unitversity of Technology, WA.

Dr Glenice Watson                            Griffith University, QLD.

Ass Prof Nicola Yelland                      Victoria University, VIC

Ass Prof Catherine McLoughlin            Australian Catholic University, ACT

Dr Margaret Lloyd                             Queensland University of Technology

Dr Dianne Chambers                          University of Melbourne, VIC

Ass Prof John Pearson                       University of Hong Kong, HONG KONG

Dr Bernard Holkner                            Monash University, VIC

Prof Ron Oliver                                 Edith Cowan University, WA.

Dr Tony Jones                                  University of Melbourne, VIC

Dr Michael Dyson                              Monash University VIC

Dr John Vincent                                University of Melbourne

Dr Steve  Kernell                               School of Education United Kingdom 

Dr Keryn Pratt                                  University of Otago New Zealand 

Ass Prof Elizabeth Stacey                   Deakin University VIC

Dr Richard Johnson                            Deakin University VIC

Dr Paul Nicholson                              Deakin University VIC  

Dr Sue McNamara                             Australian Catholic University

Ass Professor Peter Albion                  University of Southern Cross QLD

Dr Andrew Fluck                               University of Tasmania TAS


Associate Professor Cathie Sherwood, 



Editorial Board of Australian Educational Computing, the fully refereed journal for ICTs in Learning in Australia and conference referees




(Central Queensland University)

Associate Professor Neil Anderson (James Cook University)

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