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This Bee Does Not Sting!

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Workshop 3 - morning 9am-12pm

Presenter: Laurie Heikkila, Tech Resources Group, Ohio, USA

Workshop: This Bee Does Not Sting!

Target Audience: Teachers from K to Year 6


This hands-on session features the Bee-Bot, a friendly robot designed to spark discovery learning by young children.  The Bee-Bot is based on the philosophy that providing young learners with self-directed experiences leads to improved problem-solving skills and higher-order thinking while introducing and reinforcing math concepts.

With the Bee-Bot children explore distance, direction, angles, geometry, and programming in more depth. We will also meet Bee-Bot’s big brother Pro-Bot which takes everything Bee-Bot has to offer and more to the next level. Attendees will not only get lots of hands on experience but also suggestions for using them in the classroom, teacher ideas, tips for success, integration ideas, and lesson plans. 

Leave with materials and ideas you can use right away. This presentation will include a review of recent studies about the success of constructivist environments using robots and Logo.

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