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Liz Murphy

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Liz is an experienced educator, trainer and business operator. She has taught adults and students locally, nationally and globally, at sea and online, and currently lectures at Adelaide University. She is an experienced project manager, and award winning educational and multimedia designer and publisher.

Liz now works as a global consultant specialising in global communication strategies and services, including…

  • conference coverage and reporting services
  • online event production, management and facilitation
  • on-location sound, film and video production
  • media rich web design and development
  • content, multimedia and presentation development and management
  • integrated e-publishing
  • virtual training

Liz’s creativity with exisiting, new and emerging technologies including her use of media-rich, web-based learning environments and collaborative global web conferencing; her innovative work and research using mobile technologies and her strategies to connect normally inaccessible people, places and communities, locally and globally, is widely recognised across Australia and internationally.

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