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Students Can Learn From Their Mistakes If We Let Them - Finding Common Ground - Education Week

Oz/NZ Educators Diigo Group - 30 October, 2015 - 17:43


  • "There are many ways to build student engagement in the classroom. What we need to get away from is the adult in the classroom answering their own questions, and fostering an atmosphere where students can rely on each other and work in collaboration. As with anything, this requires balance because we want to make sure the student who doesn't want to answer questions actually takes the opportunity to do so.
    As Hattie says learning is hard work and it offers us challenges. We know that as adults but want to prevent our students from seeing the challenge because it doesn't always feel good. We need to change our expectations to make sure that students understand they do have to take ownership over their own learning, and not giving them the answers sometimes may be the place to start. " - Rhondda Powling

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by: Rhondda Powling

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