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Australian Educational Computing Vol 5.1 (1990)

Articles in this issue.

Page Title
1 Contents
Australian Educational Computing
2 President's Report
Ian Webb
3-7 Conference Opening Address
His Excellency the Honourable Bill Hayden
8 WCCE'90 - A Conference Collection
Australian Educational Computing
9 Dreams, Creative Applications, Adventure Games
Mike Matson
10-11 Jacqui Dean - Some Thoughts on Computers in Education
Martyn Wild
12-18 Conference Issues From COOEE
Karen Bevan
Bede Carmody
Belinda Fox
Michelle Jeuken
Katie Maher
Ruth Pollard
Claire Williams
19-24 The Peristroika of Epistemological Politics
Seymour Papert
25-30 The Role of Computing Teachers in Australian Schools
Mark Weber
Lorraine Kershaw
31-32 Computer Education Conference Calendar
Australian Educational Computing
Journal Cover
ACCE Partners
ACCE Partners
ACCE Partners
ACCE Partners