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Australian Educational Computing Vol 6.1 (1991)

Articles in this issue.

Page Title
1 Contents
Australian Educational Computing
2 Editorial
Jennifer Galligan
Peter Jennings
Donald Shingles
3 President's Report
Ian Webb
4-15 State of the Nation Reports
16-18 Perceptions of Computers: What do 5 year olds think?
Yvonne Burgess
Sue Trinidad
19-22 Australian Educational Telecommunications Calendar, 1991
Carole Green
23-25 Student projects for education software: A collaborative programme
Terry Rout
Ron Dunnett
Jeff Withers
26-27 Collaborating on a National Statement for Technology Education
Melvin Freestone
Brian Jacobi
Errol Maruff
28-29 Windows on a workplace
Dianne Hayes
Sue Morris
Mark Bailey
30-32 Research And Development in computer-based learning at Edith Cowan University
Geoff Ring
Journal Cover
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