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What is the etiquette for a mobile phone when out to dinner? On public transport? The volume of a MP3 player on the bus? Technology is part of the daily life for both students and adults but it has happened with no rules of appropriate behaviour. Most of today
Over the years, Martin Levins and Phil Callil have attended many conferences here in Australia and overseas to try to gain a sense of international direction of ICT policy. In this presentation, they outline what they believe to be the ten steps required if schools are to take advantage of the benefits that ICT brings to schools now and over the next five years. The presentation will specifically cover the themes for this ACCE conference and refer to practices at Xavier College in Melbourne and The Armidale School in NSW.
Using the Sharepoint/Scholaris LMS as a base I have developed a workspace and strategies to teach the International Baccalaureate (IB) subject Information Technology in a Global Society (ITGS). I
Wikipedia, the free online encyclopaedia that anyone can edit, has long been criticised by educators and even banned from schools. However, an "abstinence only" technique is bound to fail: even if Wikipedia can successfully be banished from a single classroom, this approach doesn
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