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Argument Mapping lends itself well to the critical analysis of leadership. All leaders take actions that lead to successes and failures over time and mapping these episodes is made easier using appropriate software that visually depicts the logic and evidence in an analysis. To connect or contextualise this relatively new topic of argument mapping to a senior military audience from 20 countries, the controversial leadership of US General George S. Patton during World War Two was used as a case study.
This presentation will focus on introducing participants to The 21st Century Learning Institute a global program to help educators to teach these 21st Century skills in the context of existing classroom activities, in order to give students a head start in their future careers.
This paper presents a framework (iSHARE) which teachers in Singapore are currently using to share digital resources created by teachers for fellow teachers to enhance learning in the classroom. It also serves to support teachers
This session will outline the importance of establishing a social network for both staff and students to fully utilise the potential of web 2.0 tools. It will outline how to become active members of national and global networks, for example twitter, mailing lists, ning sites, wikis blogging and global projects, and give practical examples and uses of each.
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