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Using the Sharepoint/Scholaris LMS as a base I have developed a workspace and strategies to teach the International Baccalaureate (IB) subject Information Technology in a Global Society (ITGS). I
Wikipedia, the free online encyclopaedia that anyone can edit, has long been criticised by educators and even banned from schools. However, an "abstinence only" technique is bound to fail: even if Wikipedia can successfully be banished from a single classroom, this approach doesn
The majority of published research surrounding the educational efficacy of interactive whiteboards (IWB) is
Blaxland, Wentworth, Lawson et al crossed the Great Divide in 1813, and they thought they had it tough! Generally speaking, most students today possess IT skills well above those of most teachers - the Digital Divide. How do we cope with that yet provide meaningful learning experiences for those students in our classrooms? This session will explore what students of today are doing with technology, with examples from schools that are getting IT right. We will examine current and emerging technologies and how all this relates to the effective use of digital technologies in our classrooms.
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