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Aussie School House

 Aussie SchoolHouse (ASH) was a project owned and managed by ACCE. Under the Aussie SchoolHouse umbrella, ACCE worked cooperatively with partners to foster web based projects and provided educational leaders with resources and support to manage their own projects.

Aussie SchoolHouse was  most well known because it provided free web space for teachers – for classroom and professional personal use. It also provided web space for professional associations exploring database driven websites or those hosting special purpose projects.

ASH was also known for the quality resources that teachers, schools and professional associations shared on the ASH site. With increasing popularity each month, ASH continued to be a premier site for educational resources, teacher networking and quality student work.  As Web2.0 technologies came into play, the ASH server was used less.

A number of projects were sponsored by Aussie SchoolHouse. Project Atmosphere Australia and ThinkQuest were managed at ASH and had websites located at ASH.

Aussie SchoolHouse hosted a number of projects for leaders in the educational community who wanted to push the boundaries, experiment with new ideas and set directions for next generation of educational web based ideas. There were also many teacher based projects located at Aussie SchoolHouse.

The use of the ASH server has been superceded but was at the ‘cutting edge’ in its prime.