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Professional Structure

ACCE has adopted a three level professional associate structure to recognise the contributions of CEG members of computer education activities and to encourage CEG members to proudly use their ACCE associate level as professional signatures at any time.

The three levels of the professional structure are:

1. ACCE Associate
This level is automatically available as a professional signature for current personal members of computer education groups. Certificates are distributed automatically by CEGs.
2. ACCE Professional Associate
In accordance with ACCE policy, this level can be awarded by CEGs to current members who demonstrate commitment to computer education activities and knowledge through the CEG and ACCE structures. CEG members apply through their CEG for ACCE Professional Associate status each year.
3. ACCE Fellow
This level will be awarded occasionally to outstanding CEG members who significantly contribute to national computer education activities and knowledge or who have a significant history of a leadership role in CEGs and ACCE. Only the ACCE Board awards ACCE Fellow status.

Qualifying for ACCE Professional Associate status

To qualify for this professional level status, ACCE associates are required to show an active involvement in the CEG or in the national association, and demonstrate a commitment to the aims and objectives of ACCE by taking a leadership role in promoting and supporting the use of learning technology in Australian educational communities.

ACCE Professional Associate requires:

  • Current personal CEG membership
  • Significant contribution to CEG or ACCE events, publications, management teams or working groups within the last year based on a points system.
Points system
  • A contribution to a CEG newsletter / journal: 10 points (Note: Newsletter/Journal is currently paused)
  • Some contributions to online communities: 10 points
  • Presentation at a CEG or ACCE conference: 10 points
  • Membership of a CEG or ACCE conference working party: 10 points
  • Organising a CEG or ACCE professional development activity: 10 points
  • Delivery of a CEG or ACCE professional development activity: 10 points
  • Member of a CEG or ACCE management team: 10 points