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In the last few years many teachers have found themselves feeling as if they are on an island surrounded by new technologies and ideas that need to be added to their already burgeoning teaching responsibilities. This can be a confronting prospect for some and an area which needs to be addressed with careful planning and support. At Launceston Church Grammar School there has been a concerted effort to assist all teaching staff to come to grips with the changes needed for the successful integration of ICT.
Are you looking for some new ideas for your Early Years mathematics classroom? Young children are born into a world filled with technology, so why should their classrooms be any different? In this workshop you will have the opportunity to explore a range of mathematical websites that have been tested in the classroom and given the thumbs up by young learners.
Kids Congress is a shared educational experience using contemporary ICT tools for students aged 10-14 years. It focuses on a global social justice agenda using ICT methodologies developed by students and presented to students in intensive mode. This paper describes how a variety of media and methodologies are used to provide rich opportunities for students to share, exchange, present ideas and opinions in the context of a belief in the power of the individual to make a difference.
Digital media provides an inventory of powerful learning tools for technology, science and mathematics education in the primary school. Opportunities are provided for recording, designing, creating, experimenting, calculating and expressing using information and communication technology (ICT) to enhance learning. This paper describes how digital media is being used with the
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